Benefits Of Embedding Instagram Feed On Website

Instagram celebrated its 12th birthday in 2022, and by the end of this year, the platform will cross 1.3 billion active users. It is no secret that Instagram has taken over the internet over the past few years. So much so that brands have started to embed Instagram feed on their business website.

It is because the internet has drastically changed marketing trends. People now love to check your social media when they get to know about your brand.

It has undoubtedly helped them in gaining the trust of their existing and target customers.

However, there are still brands that are unable to decide if they should use Instagram on their


Therefore, this blog will discuss the benefits of embedding an Instagram Feed on the website.

Why Use Instagram On Website?

There are ample amount of benefits to embedding Instagram on your website. Some of the best reasons are given below. We hope that by the end of the blog, you will be convinced to embed Instagram on your website.

#1 Grow Your Social Media Following

Growing on social media has become a task for every brand these days. WordStream revealed that there are 200 million creators on Instagram. With this crowd on the platform, it is difficult to emerge as noticeable.

Having your Instagram on your website creates a seamless bridge between your website and your Instagram account. It also reduces the chances of your audience following a fake account.

#2 Interaction With Your Audience

An Instagram on your website stimulates interaction between users and your business. Additionally, it aids in their comprehension that communication with the brand is two-way. You can go a step further and establish a personal connection between your brand and your clients. It even shows your business as approachable.

It can be accomplished by inviting people to openly discuss your company while recognizing the flaws in the product they are using.

This form of social media presence on your website will indicate a genuine relationship with your clients, eventually increasing your sales.

#3 Showcase Social Media Presence

A social media presence is crucial because it gives your brand recognition and legitimacy while also giving your customers easy access to information about what your company does.

A social media presence enables you to swiftly and affordably communicate with a larger pool of potential clients. Moreover, it increases the proportion of repeat clients. Finally, it is the most affordable service that produces long-lasting brand exposure.

#4 Leverage the User Generated Content

A visitor’s conversion rate increases by 4.3 percent when presented with any kind of user-generated material on a brand’s official website, revealing PowerReviews. Moreover, when a visitor engages with user-generated content, the conversion rate increases by 108.4 percent.

You can also work with influencers to start more user-generated material and show it on the social wall to take advantage of this possibility. Consumers continue to trust evaluations and advice from social media 87%.

Utilizing the Instagram wall to its fullest potential requires a technique like this.

#5 Increase The Time Spent On Website

The time visitors spend on your website gives you a good idea of how they feel about it. However, if visitors leave your website before giving it a good look, there is a problem that has to be rectified.

The time spent on your website shows the quality of your business and website both. As a brand, your website is the brand ambassador of your business. Therefore your website should be engaging enough to retain visitors for a longer time.

An Instagram page on your website can help you achieve this. In addition, having an Instagram on your website helps you retain your visitors as they do not have to leave the webpage to go through your Instagram.

#6 Brand Image

Once your Instagram feed is integrated with your website, you also receive the gift of an outstanding brand image. In addition, you will learn that your website visitors and regular clients are more likely to commend your confident behavior by showcasing the brand’s social media material created by random individuals on your website.

A positive word-of-mouth network has been steadily established around your brand’s reputation. As a result of the comments that customers will leave after using your items and telling their friends about them, you can hopefully anticipate a sharp increase in your consumer base.

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Wrapping Up

We’ve concluded this blog, and now you know why you should incorporate an Instagram feed on your website. This tactic is powerful and can help brands take their marketing strategies to a new level. First, however, review the tool’s features before deciding on it!

You can choose any social media aggregator tool for this purpose. These tools also help you to customize the entire Instagram Widget. It means you can change the layout of the widget.

So don’t wait and embed Instagram on your website.

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