Putt Golf Courses You Should Go Out of Your Way to Play

After battling over 300 Putt Golf courses, we have become experts in designing, building and advising on all things miniature Putt golf course. An adventure full of oversized characters, obstacles and castles awaits – all you need to get involved is a putter and a ball. Yes, we’re talking mini-golf, a midget game with big imaginations. Since 2012, Tom Loftus and Robin Schwartzman have been documenting the world of miniature golf on their website A Couple of Putts.

Big Stone Mini Golf

This is a true gem on the shores of Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota. Our first date and wedding were on this course, so I think there’s some kind of magic there. A rustic 14-hole venue entirely constructed by artist and owner Bruce Still man. The course features huge hazards made of logs, carved rock, carved metal and antique hulls. While you’re there, explore the sculpture garden or enjoy a game of checkers overlooking Big Stone Pond. You can say hello to the resident goats. Also, watch out for chickens crossing the green.

Vitense Golf Country

Three unique miniature golf courses (two outdoors, one indoors) offer players the opportunity to physically participate in a putting journey through imaginative routes to the cup. At this Wisconsin facility, you can glide; zip line and climb as you chase a ball through landscapes that loosely blend with Wisconsin, California and your hometown of Madison. Depending on the course, you might even come across purple hippos, towering giraffes and hot dog slides. You can choose any of these courses for a truly special experience.

Parking skills golf

When asked to recommend your favorite course, it will always appear at the top of the list. A colorful, kitschy and fun classic mini-golf course with creative game play (think rocket ships and roller coasters), all shaded by perfectly manicured hedges and giant pink castles is in There’s a reason this quaint two-course facility is on everyone’s list of ‘best miniature golf courses’. We fell in love with Parking on our first visit and returned years later knowing it would be the perfect setting for our engagement photos.

Located just north of Chicago, Parking is surrounded by other miniature Her Golf options, including the charming, shady novelty Her Putt Golf course and the infamous course in the basement of a working funeral home. But if you’re in the area, parking should definitely be high on your list.

Atlanticus Minotaur Bay

The largest concentration of miniature golf in the world is in Myrtle Beach, a vacation hotspot on South Carolina’s Atlantic coast. This miniature golf paradise has over 50 courses, with volcanoes, tropical birds, pirate ships and crashed planes displayed in all kinds of imaginative rooms. Of the many opportunities scattered around the city, Mount Atlancas has some of the most enchanting, bizarre and distinctive golf courses. Housed in a former grocery store, the course reportedly cost $3 million to build. The most imaginative miniatures ever visited, with references to the Minotaur myth and visuals ranging from Elvis to extraterrestrials. There is no doubt about that.

Philadelphia Miniature Putt Golf

In Addition, Located in the heart of Franklin Square, the course features oversized obstacles around local landmarks such as the Liberty Bell, the Museum Stairs, the LOVE Sculpture, and the Benjamin Franklin Bridge. Many courses are themed around the surrounding community or town, but Philly Mini Putt Golf Course is perhaps the best version.

Round the World Mini Golf

In Addition,This picturesque town sits in the Adirondack Mountains on the shores of scenic Lake George. For over 50 years, visitors have traveled the world and the United States through his two crazy 18-hole courses at this facility.In Addition, All inspired by original owner Harry Horn’s travels and the souvenirs he brought back to upstate New York. Travel the globe past immersive (and sometimes moving) obstacles such as oversized lobsters and sombreros, or miniature recreations of landmarks such as the Great Pyramids of Egypt and the Taj Mahal of India.

Skemmtigar├░urinn Grafarvogi

In Addition, Given Iceland’s ties to the Vikings, a pirate-themed adventure golf course seems like the perfect approach for him, one of the country’s few permanent golf courses. . A short taxi or car ride from the city centre, it’s the perfect place to visit this fascinating country.

Hastings Adventure Golf

British seaside towns aren’t just battlegrounds for moods and rockers (see his 1979 film Quadrophenia in The Who). Our friends across the pond, Richard and Emily, have played nearly 1,000 mini golf courses, most of them in the UK. One of his standouts is Hastings Adventure Golf.In Addition, Home to the annual World Crazy Golf Championship, it has all the classic windmills, skulls and ships. With three full 18-hole courses, you can step into a realm full of mischievous mini Putt golf course.

Bright room

What happens when trick art meets miniature golf? Visit one of the Glow golf courses scattered across Germany. Every course is painted so carefully that you wonder what it is, such as floors, walls, and putting areas. Master craftsmen rendered man-made rocks, coral reefs, and glowing comets in great detail, with black light effects playing a central role. Add Chroma Depth glasses for the ultimate 3D miniature golf experience. The Cologne course is on our list because of its aquatic and marine life theme – we always love whales!

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