5 Self-Care Apps That Go With You Anywhere

We know that self-care is an important element of wellness. What most of us struggle with is making time for self-care. Making time for self-care can be difficult when you have a job, school, side hustle, family, and somehow adding a social life.

The problem with not making time for a self-care app is that at some point it will affect every other area of ​​your life. You’ll burn out sooner or later if you don’t prioritize self-care.

The good news is that self-care doesn’t have to be a huge time commitment. Although from time to time I recommend doing activities like taking a nap, bubble bath or even a massage. The truth is, a self-care app can be a simple act that allows us to prioritize ourselves.

We already spend a lot of time on our phones every day, so why not dedicate some of that time to self-care?

There are many apps that are beneficial for the topic of self-care app. I have tried many of these apps. Today I’m going to share a few of my favorites as well as my overall take on self care apps. By the end of this post, you’ll be able to tell if self-service apps are for you, what types of self-service apps there are, and which ones to start with.

Pros and cons of free self-care apps

While there are many different types of free self-service apps to suit your needs, one thing that bothered me the most about these apps was the lack of features in the free apps. I understand that these apps need to make money, but there are different ways to offer premium services. Some of the free apps I’ve downloaded automatically put a premium subscription on you. The actions you can perform in these applications are very limited. It almost seemed like it should just be a paid app overall.

That being said, there are a lot of free self-care apps out there that I thought did a great job of providing a lot of free content. They do this without trying for premium features. These are the apps that I would probably buy the premium version of at some point.

Another benefit of free self-service apps on your phone is their convenience. From meditation to mood tracking and everything in between, you can have everything in the palm of your hand. The only downside is that of course these apps need storage to download them. Currently, I haven’t seen a free all-in-one self-care app. This means you’ll need to download multiple apps to get all the self-service features you might want in an app.

5 self-service apps that go with you anywhere

1. Journy: Self-Care Day Planner

Everything Journy does is derived from our belief in the human desire to become the best version of oneself through self-improvement on the path to greatness as defined by the individual. A daily journal like this can help you achieve greatness. With this motivational app, we’ll help ease your way by providing you with the best activities for planning your day with actions, reminders, techniques, self-care apps and tips gathered from the most effective leaders and people of our time. The information provided by Journy empowers you to take charge of your life through practiced discipline, responsibility, mental health, self-care app and preparedness. The result is a life that plants the seeds of success and abundance of creative expression, well-being and positively shaping the lives of those around you, and improving social skills and mental health.

Use Journals, personal growth and goal tracking to save and review your goals. You can even share them with other Journy users. Let’s build a community of achieving goals through strength in numbers for self-improvement with a motivational app as well as for building social skills. Keeping a daily journal and tracking your habits can help you tremendously.

2. Reminder to drink water

This is a broad category. Think about how you take care of yourself with daily tasks like drinking water, sleeping, exercising, and structuring your day.

An app I loved in this category is Drink Water Reminder. It’s easy to use and provides plenty of reminders throughout the day. By downloading this app, you will drink more water throughout the day.

3. Moodpath

I first discovered the importance of mood tracking when I was first introduced to bullet journals (here are 41 fonts to try in your bullet journal). I didn’t realize there were apps for that.

What’s great about tracking your mood is that you can spot similarities and patterns. These patterns can help you be more aware in the future.

While there are many mood-tracking apps out there, my favorite is Moodpath. You don’t just track your mood once a day. You can watch it three times, morning, noon and evening.

The app doesn’t just ask how you feel. You will also answer a few questions and rate how much the answer affects you. After two weeks, you’ll have a full assessment of your emotional health based on what you’re tracking each day.

4. I am

I don’t say affirmations as often as I should. I’ve tried many affirmation apps, but in my opinion, one of them lets them all down.

The app is called I Am. My favorite feature is that you choose the topics you want your affirmations to be based on. You can set how many times during the day you want to see the affirmation. Affirmations will appear on your phone screen throughout the day. Many of these affirmations were exactly what I needed during that time. For such a simple feature, this self-care app is powerful.

5. Gratitude

For those of you who don’t like putting pen to paper, a journaling self-care app might be just what you need.

I found it in the app. If the name didn’t tell you, it’s primarily based on gratitude. What I like about it is that every day it shows up with a challenge. This way, the journal will not only remind you but also give you a place to start.

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