The Most Accessible Way to Learn the Quran, According to Shia Quran Teachers

Shia Quran Teacher: The Most Accessible Way to Learn the Quran

What do you get when you combine Shia education with modern technology? The most accessible way to learn the Quran! If you’re looking for an online Shia Quran teacher, it can be hard to find one who teaches in your language and at your level of expertise. Luckily, there are many more ways to learn the Quran these days than you might think. Follow this guide to find Shia teachers who teach in your area and fit your learning needs perfectly!

You can learn about fiqh and tafseer

Many people consider memorizing Quran to be an unreachable goal. I know how it feels to want to recite, but feel hopeless in achieving this task and others don’t understand how difficult it is. If you need help on how to start your tajweed lessons, be sure to check out our website. We can teach you Quranic Arabic in less than a month if you want.

Who are our teachers?

Scholar teachers are professionals who specialize in the reading, interpretation, and teaching of hadith. They generally possess more than a decade’s worth of study, research, training and writing under their belt on Islamic Fiqh And Islamic thought. Some of these people include:

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1-Saheefa Sajjadia – A Pakistani scholar who specializes in tafsir (Quranic commentary) and has written extensively on Imam Al-Sadiq’s Nahjul Balagha

2-Basemeddin Sidqi El Hadidi – An Egyptian scholar whose works revolve around comparative religious studies and have been publish extensively on other forms of media.

What is taught in the courses?

The courses are taught by professional Shia instructors who are proficient in English and Farsi. Lessons consist of recitation of both the text and translation, while also teaching some basic vocabulary and sentence structure. Our teachers have invest thousands of hours learning how to communicate with students in different regions and dialects.

You can take courses on a variety of topics, such as Surah al-Fatiha, Surah al-Ikhlas, Surah Taha and more. You will learn through self-pace lessons via Skype with an experience Shia instructor available whenever you need them for unlimit one-on-one personal tutoring sessions or small group discussions where you can get answers quickly from multiple sources in real time.

How do we teach you?

– Learn directly with our native Shia Quran Teachers. We have one of the largest pools of qualify, educate Shia teachers on Skype.

– Every teacher has had at least 8 years of education in Middle Eastern Studies and Religious Instruction. Each teacher is skill in their teaching methods and has a lot of experience providing lessons over Skype to people from all over the world.

– You’ll have unlimit access 24/7 for your whole class period, which usually lasts between 30 minutes – 1 hour depending on where you live in time zones. You can continue learning even if you miss a day because every lesson is archive for you to watch as many times as you need!

– One price gives you access to ALL 10 lessons we currently offer, including their future additions once they’re release!

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Do I get a certificate?

After completing all our courses you will be given a certificate as a proof of your completion in learning. You can show it proudly with family and friends. Our certificates are like a stepping stone to future, it gives an assurance that one has complete what they set out to do, which is impossible without passing through this course with success. Certificate makes you know that you have reach the zenith of knowledge and now its time for passing on knowledge to others. With certificate one need not be afraid that how he will be judge by others in future as he already prove his worth by getting this certificate. We provide necessary academic tools for whoever who want to learn Quran

Why Should I Choose Quran Ul Jumuah?

One question that Shia Muslims often ask is where they can find a teacher for themselves. There are many mosques which offer one-on-one Islamic instruction, but classes like these can be difficult to find in some places. One way around this problem is online classes, where students can access an experience and knowledgeable instructor from their own home with ease. Of all of the Shia online class providers currently available, we feel that our teachers are unmatch in both experience and expertise. Furthermore, we have a global reach so our courses are accessible anywhere you might be – city or village – world wide. This means people of all different backgrounds will have the opportunity to learn from our skill instructors and increase their knowledge on Islamic teachings through both written material and videos.

How can I contact you?

We are always willing to help all of our students in any way that they might need. We have a contact form on our website where all our potential customers can fill out and send their message or questions. They are free to share whatever information is necessary, too. We also have an email address for people who may not want others in their inbox but still needs some guidance.

How do teachers choose the Quran?

The Holy Qur’an is divide into 30 parts, with each part covering approximately one month’s time of reading. Each verse is recite again in order to make memorization easier. In one year, a student should have memorize the entire Qur’an. We make sure our teachers are Shia and that they know every word of The Holy Qur’an. It takes our teachers at least two years of intensive studying to get qualify as a teacher and be given access to teach students through us. They are also fluent in English which makes them very effective in communicating with students who speak English as their first language.

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