Shia Quran Academy: Study the Quran and Religion at Your Convenience

Shia Quran Academy: Learn the Quran and Religion from the Comfort of Your Home

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the Quran, but felt that you lacked the energy to drive all the way across town to attend an in-person class? Shia Quran Academy has the answer! With online Quran classes, you can learn from home at your own pace and convenience! Our courses cover everything from Arabic recitation to proper hadith interpretation, so there’s something for everyone in our curriculum.

Why choose online learning?

At Shia Quran Academy, we provide you with a variety of services including online tafseer lessons. What’s more, unlike most schools, you can try our services before committing to an expensive enrollment. Finally, it is convenient for students to learn on their own time. In addition to tafseer and other courses that improve your Quranic knowledge like translation course, we offer online learning as a complement to our in-person classes in order to make Quranic education available for all times of the day.

What are our services?

At Shia Quran Academy, we offer online courses for our customers’ convenience. With an affordable monthly fee, Sahife Sajjadiya service is a subscription service that grants access to all live classes on our platform at any time. We also offer other courses like translation besides Tajweed and reading courses. You can register as a new customer or simply log in with your Facebook account or email to take part in one-on-one sessions or group lessons led by highly trained Shia instructors. As the pioneer in Islamic education, Shia Quran Academy equips students with everything they need to learn Islam at their own pace.

How do we teach?

1. We Offer Other Courses Like Translation, Besides Tajweed And Reading Courses

2. Our Teachers Have Masters And PhD Degrees In Their Respective Fields Of Study

3. Our Shia Tutors Are Professionals That Help Moms With Shia Online Classes In This Modern Era Where Time Is So Precious.

4. There Is No Risk Of Mosques Getting Overcrowded When Shia Teach The Qur’an To Momineen At Their Homes! 5. Offering Courses For Adults And Children Gives Us The Opportunity To Take Care Of Both Needs With One Purchase! 6. We Include Monthly Access To Our Sahife Sajjadiya Service With All Registrations!7.

Can we help you learn your favorite Surah?

NajulBalagah is a Quranic learning app that makes memorizing the Quran easier. The NajulBalagah app gives you all the Arabic text and it breaks down each word into an English translation. In addition, this Quran Memorization App includes transliteration to help you pronounce words correctly and videos to watch along with recitations in various languages. Time And Money Saving! A monthly fee for this service includes access to your teacher anytime and anywhere. Finally, one very interesting feature is Sahife Sajjadiya which allows you to compare two Surahs and learn lessons learned by comparing them as well as understanding their meanings better.

Free Trial Class

We provide an opportunity for students to learn how to read and speak Arabic through our time and money saving online courses. Our courses offer a unique way for all those who have the intention of memorizing Quranic Arabic and reading Arabic text in Quranic script with Tajweed rules. Each class is individually tailored to suit each student’s ability and will be conducted by a qualified instructor providing each student with quality tuition on a one-to-one basis. The course contents can be made as easy or as challenging as each individual wishes it to be, meaning that studying will never feel too tedious or too easy, but just right. With monthly subscriptions we make learning both affordable and accessible! Sahife Sajjadiya offers a free trial class so you can try before you buy!

Contact us now!

Learn more about Shia Quran Academy and how we can help you today. Choose your preferred payment method, schedule your class, and get started right away! Our extensive coursework covers all major principles of Islam, which will make it easier for students to learn and understand in a shorter amount of time. Some courses include class size from 5-50 people; between 9am to 8pm; Arabic dialect, Urdu and Farsi for all levels; exciting interactive learning sessions with fellow learners; digital platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Kik that are used for correspondence with our teachers for Shia Online Classes.; Sahife Sajjadiya (special notebooks) and Quranic wafer boards delivered directly to your doorstep each month. And our Time And Money Saving An Affordable Monthly Fee.

Where can I learn Quran?

Learn how to read, write and memorize the Holy Quran. Shia Quran Academy provides a variety of online classes that cover Quranic studies and fundamentals of Islam. Whether you’re completely new to Islamic education or simply looking for a refresher course, we have something for everyone! Our programs are taught by qualified Sunni teachers who are proficient in all facets of Quranic knowledge.

What is Quran Academy?

It’s a hassle to always go to Mosque for classes. Driving can be difficult and it’s time consuming. At Shia Quran Academy, we have online classes that you can participate in from your home. We save you time and money while teaching you the same information found in more expensive mosques around the world. You’ll also have access to our Sahife Sajjadiya which is a digital library of old Islamic texts that our scholars consult when discussing topics covered in class. So even after class has ended, you’ll still be able to learn at your own pace on your computer or mobile device!

How can I memorize Quran quickly?

Sometimes you may need to memorize verses of the Holy Quran. You may want to do this for yourself or in order to recite a verse as a sign of your faith or make someone happy. Whatever your reasons, we have some tips and strategies on how you can memorize Quran quicker and easier so that it becomes second nature to you. Here are 7 things that will help you memorize Quraan with ease.

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