10 Companies Leading the Way in Wood Fencing in Dundee

If you live in Dundee and you are thinking about installing a new fence on your property, you may be wondering which companies you can turn to for help. Luckily, there are a lot of options. Whether you want a traditional wood fencing in dundee or an ultra modern, eco-friendly one, you should be able to find it.


A quick perusal of the AltruWood website should give you a sense of the company’s commitment to excellence in all areas, but there is one that stands out in particular. One of the more important areas in which the company operates is in the fencing arena, a worthy adversary for the ogres of the phalanx. The company has a solid track record of customer service in a time crunch environment and offers an array of wood options. From classic elm to red cedar and the myriad options in between, AltruWood is a one-stop shop for all your dundee fencing needs. Moreover, they have a solid team of professionals that stand ready to provide the best of the best in a pinch.

Centennial Woods

If you are looking for wood fencing in Dundee, there is only one company that has you covered. The name is Centennial Woods. This company specializes in creating sustainable materials for various applications in the United States and abroad. Their products can help you gain LEED points on a project.

In addition to their extensive range of products, they also have a history that dates back several decades. Ed Spal is the CEO of this company, and he has been able to create a sustainable focus that has helped to build this company into the company that it is today.

Currently, the company is working on new initiatives. They are building a facility in Wyoming that will allow them to expand their warehousing and production space. This will allow them to further develop their product. It will also allow them to enter into new markets.

Some of the applications of their products include building interiors and exteriors. There are a few retail chains that utilize this material for their fences, and it is also used in many commercial projects. These applications are largely driven by the rich aesthetic.

In addition to being one of the top companies in the industry, Centennial Woods has a lot of experience. Its board can withstand temperatures as high as 34 degrees. As such, it is perfect for outdoor themed businesses.

Centennial Woods offers their product for both commercial and residential use. If you are considering using this type of material for a fence, you may want to find out more information about the process. One of the best ways to do this is to take a look at the company’s website.

Zale Fencing

One of the 10 companies leading the charge in the wood fencing game is Zale Fencing. They specialize in fence maintenance and construction, but they also do some pretty nice custom work. Getting the right wood fence can be an expensive process, but with a little help from Zale you can get the job done right. The company has been in business for a number of years, and has a long list of satisfied customers, both residential and commercial. In short, Zale is the place to call when it comes to quality fences and gates. Whether you are looking for a new home, or are just remodeling your existing one, Zale can do the trick.

Natures Composites

The first company to introduce composite fencing, Natures Composites is changing the way that fences are made. Their product is not only environmentally-friendly, but it also provides an affordable alternative to traditional lumber. Using recycled materials and wheat straw, they are making a difference in the world.

Among their products is the TerraDeck, which is a high-tech version of recycled plastic and wheat straw. It is a durable product that will last a lifetime. While the company is best known for their composite decking, they have branched out into the wood fencing market. Unlike other fencing manufacturers, they don’t use harmful chemicals or sealants in their process. This makes their composites even more sanitary.

Another noteworthy product is their composite fabric, which is made of strong wheat fiber. Unlike other types of fabric, this material can withstand the UV, which will protect it from splitting and decaying. With the right care, it’s sure to last. Plus, it can stand up to the elements without rot or staining. As a bonus, it doesn’t require paint, stain, or sealants. So you can relax and enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about the wood rotting or warping.

Other innovations include their line of TerraFence, which is made of 94 percent recycled materials. In addition to being the best looking fence around, it is the first of its kind to feature a dual coat finish that repels moisture and resists mold and mildew. Using a high-tech combination of natural wheat straw and recycled plastics, Natures Composites has created a new, more sustainable, more durable composite product. By recycling, they help to supply a growing supply chain while still providing a high-quality product.


Trex Fencing is a unique type of composite fence. This style has an incredible aesthetic appeal, while offering unparalleled strength and durability. It’s also a low-maintenance alternative to traditional wood. With a simulated board-on-board design and interlocking pickets, this fence is designed to provide both privacy and security, while allowing you to enjoy a natural, low-maintenance appearance.

Trex Composites is the world’s largest manufacturer of wood-alternative decking products. As the inventor of the composite decking category, the company continues to lead the way in outdoor engineering and innovation. In addition to decking, Trex has a wide variety of products for the entire outdoor living experience.

The company’s product portfolio includes fencing, decking, and railing. Using 95% recycled plastic, Trex is committed to creating environmentally responsible spaces for homes and businesses. Since its inception, the company has grown internationally and is now available in more than 40 countries.

The company’s mission is to meld beautiful form with powerful function. By applying its own technology to a wide range of outdoor applications, including fencing and decking, Trex brings outdoor living to the next level. Whether you’re building a pool deck, a pergola, a garden, or an outdoor kitchen, Trex has the high-quality, low-maintenance solutions you need.

Unlike standard fences made of wood, Trex offers the strength of wood without the maintenance. Its low-maintenance composite material is resistant to insects, termites, and rot. Additionally, it has a 25-year Residential Limited Warranty. Plus, it’s the greenest material you can choose.

With a variety of colors, you can create a look that matches your personal preferences. Whether you prefer a light tan color, a dark brown, or a deep red, you can find the perfect solution for your outdoor needs.

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